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New apartment and new life!

2013-08-02 11:21:38 by 0con

And new job! US Army! Will be leaving for basic in less than 3 weeks!

Also got a kid on the way. A new O'Connor will be in this world in March!


Feel free to enjoy, download, and review any of My Music and use it for whatever you want!

Hope all is well and I wll be absent for some time again!




2013-07-16 15:44:02 by 0con

I can't make any new music!!!

Moving Forward!

2013-03-29 17:58:44 by 0con

Not backwards! ;)

Sober life, sober wife, and things are going great =)

Life just took a shit on me.

2013-02-23 09:29:17 by 0con

Oh well things could always be worse.

And I have begun messing around with the FL 10 demo.

Re-Learning FL ain't so bad ;)

Oh snap!!!!

2012-05-22 12:38:28 by 0con

I got a computer!

Blah blah blah

2008-10-04 22:01:48 by 0con

Gotta love life.

Long ass time eh?

2008-02-27 00:36:07 by 0con

I should probably start being more active here again ;)


2007-11-21 14:16:32 by 0con

I truly believe this is my best song to date, sounds like real trance to me, and I found my "full" sound again!




Discover [New song!]

2007-11-15 02:40:54 by 0con

So I was able to come up with a new song. I usually don't advertise my music much, but I believe it is one of my best songs to date. Unfortunately it Isn't done, but here is a version just for you NG =)


http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /106182

Some very smooth, upbeat, melodic trance.