Ok now I officially have my OWN computer.

2012-12-09 18:00:39 by 0con

And I have begun messing around with the FL 10 demo.

Re-Learning FL ain't so bad ;)


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2013-01-27 20:54:07

Dude! What happened to you? :O I haven't seen you in YEARS!

0con responds:

Been living it up haha. Married and all that now hpw bout u bro


2013-01-28 17:27:57

That's amazing news Ocon! :) Did you get married with the same girl from the last time we talked on AIM? :D

0con responds:

hell no lol


2013-01-31 21:32:20

I've good news as well. Not as good as your, but I can't complain. ^-^' I finally got a girlfriend after being friggin 4ever alone for so friiiiiiiiiiiggin long. I never had teh pimpin skillz lyke u. trololol >.<'

lmao, what happened to her though? The last thing I remember you telling me was that she was "To Clingy", lololol. XD